The unix programming environment

Edition 2.2, August 2001

Mark Burgess
Centre of Science and Technology
Faculty of Engineering, Oslo College


In particular they are written in Kernighan and Ritchie C, not the newer ANSI standard C.


This is seldom true these days.


if you had typed more very_ before the first TAB, a single TAB would be sufficient.


This does not seem to work in solaris?!


Under HPUX, two other files are also read by the C-shell. These are called `/etc/csh.login' and `/etc/src.csh', enabling some standard set-up to be configured globally. GNU/Linux has a similar system. On solaris systems `/etc/.login' is read.


You could also set the sticky bit `1777' in order to prevent malicious users from deleting your file.

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