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Assignment 5:
Chapter 4 - excercise 26 and 28 (edition 1), 28 and 29 (edition 2).
Write approximately 1 page on each task: (Deadline October 3rd).
1) The current legal system allows both proprietary software and open-source software to be distributed. What are the pros and cons of maintaining the status quo?
2) Examine the anaysis in chapter 4 regarding the legitimacy of providing intellectual property protection for software. Do these arguments apply equally well to the question of providing intellectual property protection for music? Why or why not?
Assignment 4:
Find out about Google's policy.
Note down sources, urls, interesting articles about storage of e-mail, violation of privacy and other dubious activities. Prepare for information and discussion in class on Friday 22nd of September.
Assignment 3:
Page 98, excercise 40 (2nd edition) (Page 89, excercise 34, 1st edition).
'Students in a history class are asked to take a quiz posted on the course Web site.....'
Discuss the morality of Mary's decision i the two perspectives described in the lecture today:
Kantianism (duty = deontology) and utilitrianism (act utilitarianism = consequence theory).
The deadline is Friday the 15th of September. Write approximately 1 page.


Assignment 2: We are exploring the issues of censorship and freedom of speech. If we conclude that censorship is not desirable in any form because:
a) There should be unlimited freedom of speech for all individuals, and
b) We do not trust our censors,

what about nazi propaganda, and criminals and terrorist-movements using the Internet for their own purpose?

http://www.anl.org.uk/campaigns.htm .....and find other links to sites with strange and repulsive content.

Write 1/2 -1 page using the same approach as last time: Find arguments and draw a conclusion based on those arguments.

Title: 'Freedom of speech with no restrictions?' Deadline: 05.09.2006

Assignment 1: Write a short note, 1/2-1 page.

Topic: ’Internet Censorship. Is it necessary, or desirable?’
What is your view? Use arguments to explain how you arrived at your conclusion.
Deadline: 29.08.06