The 5th International Conference on Ubiquitous Intelligence and Computing
Oslo University College, Oslo, Norway, June 23-25, 2008.




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UIC'08 & ATC'08 Program at a glance

Time Monday, June 23 Tuesday, June 24 Wednesday, June 25
08:00 Registration
08:30 Opening ceremony Registration Registration
09:00 Keynote 1 Keynote 2 Keynote 3
10:00 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
10:30 Parallel session 1 Parallel session 4 Parallel session 6
12:30 lunch lunch lunch
13:30 Parallel session 2 Parallel session 5 Panel debate 2
15:30 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
16:00 Parallel session 3 Panel debate 1 Parallel session 7
18:00 Reception Free time
19:00 Banquet

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Future SIM workshop: The Role of the SIM in a World of Personalized Services and Connected Objects, Dimitrios Livada and Eytan Pysetzky (Sandisk), Peter Öhman (G&D), Kjell Røberg-Larsen (Telenor), Bent Bentsen (DnBNOR), Stephan Engberg (Priway), Room PH447: 9:00-17:00

Monday, June 23 - 08:30

Opening ceremony
Room: PH170
Session chair: Frode Eika Sandnes, General chair
Opening ceremony
Sissel Østberg (rector Oslo University College), Per Ø. Staff (dean, faculty of Engineering, Oslo University College), Karl Georg Høyer (research director TDE, Oslo University College), Chunming Rong (General chair), Jianhua Ma (advisory board chair), Laurence T. Yang (advisory board chair), Yan Zhang (program chair UIC'08), Martin Gilje Jaatun (program chair ATC'08)

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Monday, June 23 - 09:00

Monday, June 23 - 09:00

Keynote 1
Room: PH170
Session chair: Stephen S. Yau
Challenges in the Design and Development of Context-Aware Applications
Prof. Jadwiga Indulska, The University of Queensland / NICTA, Australia

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Monday, June 23 - 10:30

Session 1A: Ubiquitous Computing Session 1B: Smart Spaces, Environments, Services Session 1C: Intrusion Detection Session 1D: Trust
Room: PH170 Room: PH131 Room: PH330 Room: PH322
Session chair: Laurence Tianruo Yang Session chair: Venu Govindaraju Session chair: Martin Gilje Jaatun Session chair: Hai Jin
Security Policy Integration and Conflict Reconciliation for Collaborations among Organizations in Ubiquitous Computing Environment (invited paper)
Stephen S. Yau and Zhaoji Chen

Improved Weighted Centroid Localization in Smart Ubiquitous Environments
Stephan Schuhmann, Klaus Herrmann, Kurt Rothermel, Jan Blumenthal and Dirk Timmermann

A Formal Framework for Expressing Trust Negotiation in the Ubiquitous Computing Environment
Deqing Zou, Jong Hyuk Park, Laurence Tianruo Yang, Zhensong Liao and Tai-hoon Kim

Pervasive Services on the Move: Smart Service Diffusion on the OSGi Framework
Davy Preuveneers and Yolande Berbers

Robots in Smart Spaces - A Case Study of a u-Object Finder Prototype
Tomomi Kawashima, Jianhua Ma, Bernady O. Apduhan, Runhe Huang and Qun Jin

Biometrics Driven Smart Environments: Abstract Framework and Evaluation
Vivek Menon, Bharat Jayaraman and Venu Govindaraju

A Structured Methodology of Scenario Generation and System Analysis for Ubiquitous Smart Space Development
Ohbyung Kwon and Yonnim Lee

Capturing Semantics for Information Security and Privacy Assurance
Mohammad M. R. Chowdhury, Javier Chamizo, Josef Noll and Juan Miguel Gomez

Detecting Stepping-Stone Intrusion and Resisting Evasion through TCP/IP Packets Cross-Matching
Jianhua Yang and Byong Lee

Preventing DDoS Attacks Based on Credit Model for P2P Streaming System
Jun Yang, Ying Li, Furong Wang and Jiuqiang Ming

Design, Prototype and Evaluation of a Network Monitoring Library
Karl-André Skevik, Vera Goebel and Thomas Plagemann

Real-time IP Checking and Packet Marking for Preventing ND-DoS Attack Employing Fake Source IP in IPv6 LAN
Gaeil An and Kiyoung Kim

A Semantic-Aware Ontology-Based Trust Model for Pervasive Computing Environments
Mohsen Taherian, Rasool Jalili and Morteza Amini

Using Automated Planning for Trusted Self-Organising Organic Computing Systems
Benjamin Satzger, Andreas Pietzowski, Wolfgang Trumler, and Theo Ungerer

A Trusted Group Signature Architecture in Virtual Computing Environment
Deqing Zou, Yunfa Li, Song Wu and Weizhong Qiang

Penetration Testing of OPC as Part of Process Control Systems
Maria B. Line, Martin Gilje Jaatun, Zi Bin Cheah, A. B. M. Omar Faruk, Håvard Husevåg Garnes and Petter Wedum

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Monday, June 23 - 13:30

Session 2A: Context-Aware Services and Applications I Session 2B: Intelligent Computing: Middleware, Models and Services I Session 2C: Trusted Systems and Crypto Session 2D: Autonomic Computing
Room: PH170 Room: PH131 Room: PH330 Room: PH322
Session chair: Jadwiga Indulska Session chair: Yo-Ping Huang Session chair: Zheng Yan Session chair: Hein Meling
A Framework for Context-Aware Home-Health Monitoring
Alessandra Esposito, Luciano Tarricone, Marco Zappatore, Luca Catarinucci, Riccardo Colella and Angelo DiBari

Semantic Learning Space: An Infrastructure for Context-Aware Ubiquitous Learning
Zhiwen Yu, Xingshe Zhou and Yuichi Nakamura

A Comprehensive Approach for Situation-Awareness based on Sensing and Reasoning about Context
Thomas Springer, Patrick Wustmann, Iris Braun, Waltenegus Dargie and Michael Berger

Context-Adaptive User Interface in Ubiquitous Home Generated by Bayesian and Action Selection Networks
Han-Saem Park, In-Jee Song and Sung-Bae Cho

Wireless Sensor Network assisted Dynamic Path Planning for Transportation Systems
Yue-Shan Chang, Tong-Ying Juang and Chen-Yi Su

A Recoverable Semi-fragile Watermarking Scheme using Cosine Transform and Adaptive Median Filter
Shang-Lin Hsieh, Pei-Da Wu, I-Ju Tsai and Bin-Yuan Huang

Intelligent VoIP System in Ad-hoc Network with Embedded Pseudo SIP Server
Lin-huang Chang, Chun-hui Sung, Shih-yi Chiu and Jiun-jian Liaw

A Weighted Routing Protocol using Grey Relational Analysis for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Hung-Chi Chu, Yi-Ting Hsu and Yong-Hsun Lai

Off-line Keyword Guessing Attacks on Recent Public Key Encryption with Keyword Search Schemes
Wei-Chuen Yau, Swee-Huay Heng and Bok-Min Goi

An Integrated Solution for Policy Filtering and Traffic Anomaly Detection
Zhijun Wang, Hao Che and Jiannong Cao

Secure Safety: Secure Remote Access to Critical Safety Systems in Offshore Installations
Martin Gilje Jaatun, Tor Olav Grøtan and Maria B. Line

SEMAP: Improving Multipath Security based on Attacking Point in Ad Hoc Networks
Zhengxin Lu, Chen Huang, Furong Wang and Chunming Rong

Scheduling for Reliable Execution in Autonomic Systems
Terry Tidwell, Robert Glaubius, Christopher Gill and William D. Smart

Measuring and Analyzing Emerging Properties for Autonomic Collaboration Service Adaptation
Christoph Dorn, Hong-Linh Truong and Schahram Dustdar

Artificial Immune System Based Robot Anomaly Detection Engine for Fault Tolerant Robots
Bojan Jakimovski and Erik Maehle

Maximising Personal Utility Using Intelligent Strategy in Minority Game
Yingni She and Ho-fung Leung

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Monday, June 23 - 16:00

Session 3A: Smart Objects and Embedded Computing Session 3B: Object Identification: Techniques and Applications Session 3C: Organic Computing Session 3D: Trust
Room: PH170 Room: PH131 Room: PH330 Room: PH322
Session chair: Qun Jin Session chair: Yo-Ping Huang Session chair: Tadashi Dohi Session chair: Zhijun Wang
Spin-off: Autonomous Smart Camera Systems
Martin Hoffmann, Michael Wittke, J¨org H¨ahner, Christian M¨uller-Schloer

Rule Selection for Collaborative Ubiquitous Smart Device Development: Rough Set Based Approach
Kyoung-Yun Kim, Keunho Choi and Ohbyung Kwon

An Object-oriented Framework for Common Abstraction and the Comet-based Interaction of Physical u-Objects and Digital Services
Kei Nakanishi, Jianhua Ma, Bernady O. Apduhan and Runhe Huang

Personalizing Threshold Values on Behavior Detection with Collaborative Filtering
Hiroyuki Yamahara, Fumiko Harada, Hideyuki Takada and Hiromitsu Shimakawa

IP Traceback Using Digital Watermark and Honeypot
Zaiyao Yi, Liuqing Pan, Xinmei Wang, Chen Huang and Benxiong Huang

RFID-based Interactive Learning in Science Museums
Yo-Ping Huang, Yueh-Tsun Chang and Frode Eika Sandnes

Real-time Detection of Passing Objects Using Virtual Gate and Motion Vector Analysis
Daw-Tung Lin and Li-Wei Liu

A Ubiquitous Interactive Museum Guide
Yo-Ping Huang, Tsun-Wei Chang and Frode Eika Sandnes

Dynamic Probabilistic Packet Marking with Partial Non-Preemption
Wei Yen and Jeng-Shian Sung

Fractal Model Based Face Recognition for Ubiquitous Environments
Shuenn-Shyang Wang, Su-Wei Lin and Cheng-Ming Cho

Distributed Performance Control in Organic Embedded Systems
Steffen Stein and Rolf Ernst

An Operating System Architecture for Organic Computing in Embedded Real-Time Systems
Florian Kluge, Jörg Mische, Sascha Uhrig and Theo Ungerer

Towards an Autonomic Peer-to-peer Middleware for Wireless Sensor Networks
Reinhard Mörgenthaler, Markus Zeller and Josef Jiru

Embedding Dynamic Behaviour into a Self-configuring Software System
Paul Ward, Mariusz Pelc, James Hawthorne and Richard Anthony

Service Discovery of IP Cameras Using SIP and Zeroconf Protocols
Yi-Chih Tung, Chien-Min Ou, Wen-Jyi Hwang and Wei-De Wu

Trusting Groups in Coalition Formation Using Social Distance
Peter Shaw, Paul Sage and Peter Milligan

Adjustable Trust Model for Access Control
Maryna Komarova and Michel Riguidel

Towards Trustworthiness Establishment: A D-S Evidence Theory based Scorer Reliability tuned Method for Dishonest Feedback Filtering
Chunmei Gui, Quanyuan Wu, Huaimin Wang and Jian Qiang

A User Behavior Based Trust Model for Mobile Applications
Zheng Yan, Valtteri Niemi, Yan Dong and Guoliang Yu

Managing Contracts in Pleiades using Trust Management
Christoffer Norvik, John P. Morrison, Dan C. Marinescu, Chen Yu, Gabriela M. Marinescu and Howard Jay Siegel

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Tuesday, June 24 - 09:00

Keynote 2
Room: PH170
Session chair: Simen Hagen
The Importance of Including the Haptics Factor in Interaction Design
Prof. Petter Øyan, Akershus University College

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Tuesday, June 24 - 10:30

Session 4A: Intelligent Computing: Middleware, Models and Services II Session 4B: Wireless Sensor Networks Session 4C: Organic Computing Session 4D: Knowledge and Patterns
Room: PH170 Room: PH131 Room: PH330 Room: PH322
Session chair: Josef Noll Session chair: Jun-Zhao Sun Session chair: Peidong Zhu Session chair: Junzhou Luo
Intersection Location Service for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks with Cars in Manhattan Style Movement Patterns
Yao-Jen Chang and Shang-Yao Wu

Ubiquitous and Robust Text-Independent Speaker Recognition for Home Automation Digital Life
Jhing-Fa Wang, Ta-Wen Kuan, Jia-chang Wang and Gaung-Hui Gu

Energy Efficient In-network Phase RFID Data Filtering Scheme
Dong-Sub Kim, Ali Kashif, Xue Ming, Jung-Hwan Kim and Myong-Soon Park

Energy-Efficient Tracking of Continuous Objects in Wireless Sensor Networks
Jung-Hwan Kim, Kee-Bum Kim, Chauhdary Sajjad Hussain, Min-Woo Cui and Myong-Soon Park

Data Randomization for Lightweight Secure Data Aggregation in Sensor Network
Abedelaziz Mohaisen, Ik Rae Jeong, Dowon Hong, Nam-Su Jho and DaeHun Nyang

Mobile Sink Routing Protocol with Registering in Cluster-based Wireless Sensor Networks
Ying-Hong Wang, Kuo-Feng Huang, Ping-Fang Fu and Jun-Xuan Wang

Towards the Implementation of Reliable Data Transmission for 802.15-based Wireless Sensor Networks
Taeshik Shon and Hyohyun Choi

An Energy-Efficient Query Processing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Jun-Zhao Sun

Simulation-Based Optimization Approach for Software Cost Model with Rejuvenation
Hiroyuki Eto, Tadashi Dohi and Jianhua Ma

Organic Control of Traffic Lights
Holger Prothmann, Fabian Rochner, Sven Tomforde, Jürgen Branke, Christian Müller-Schloer and Hartmut Schmeck

Concepts for Autonomous Control Flow Checking for Embedded CPUs
Daniel Ziener and Jürgen Teich

Adaptability of the TRSIM Model to Some Changes in Agents Behaviour
Alberto Caballero, Juan A. Botia and Antonio Gómez-Skarmeta

Autonomous Querying for Knowledge Networks
Kieran Greer, Matthias Baumgarten, Chris Nugent, Maurice Mulvenna and Kevin Curran

Discovery of Useful Patterns from Tree-Structured Documents with Label-Projected Database
Juryon Paik, Junghyun Nam, Hee Yong Youn and Ung Mo Kim

Web Search Results Clustering Based on a Novel Suffix Tree Structure
Junze Wang, Yijun Mo, Benxiong Huang, Jie Wen and Li He

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Tuesday, June 24 - 13:30

Session 5A: Ubiquitous Computing Session 5B: Smart Spaces, Environments, Services Session 5C: Trust and Dependable Systems Session 5D: Routing and Reliable Systems
Room: PH170 Room: PH131 Room: PH330 Room: PH322
Session chair: Chung-Ming Huang Session chair: Jong Hyuk Park Session chair: Theo W. Ungerer Session chair: Laurence Tianruo Yang
RFID: An Ideal Technology for Ubiquitous Computing?
Ciaran O’Driscoll, Daniel MacCormac, Mark Deegan, Fred Mtenzi and Brendan O’Shea

An Experimental Analysis of Undo in Ubiquitous Computing Environments
Marco Loregian and Marco P. Locatelli

Towards a Collaborative Reputation Based Service Provider Selection in Ubiquitous Computing Environments
Malamati Louta

Petri Net-based Episode Detection and Story Generation from Ubiquitous Life Log
Young-Seol Lee and Sung-Bae Cho

Protection Techniques of Secret Information in Non-Tamper Proof Devices of Smart Home Network
Abedelaziz Mohaisen, YoungJae Maeng, Joenil Kang, DaeHun Nyang, KyungHee Lee, Dowon Hong and JongWook Han

Universal Remote Control for the Smart World
Jukka Riekki, Ivan Sanchez and Mikko Pyykkönen

Mobile Navigation System for the Elderly - Preliminary Experiment and Evaluation
Takahiro Kawamura, Keisuke Umezu and Akihiko Ohsuga

Time Stamp Protocol for Smart Environment Services
Deok-Gyu Lee, Jong-Wook Han, Jong Hyuk Park, Sang Soo Yeo and Young-Sik Jeong

A Semantic Foundation for Trust Management Languages with Weights: An Application to the RT Family
Stefano Bistarelli, Fabio Martinelli and Francesco Santini

Annotation Markers for Runtime Replication Protocol Selection
Hein Meling

Enhanced Three-round Smart Card-based Key Exchange Protocol
Eun-Jun Yoon and Kee-Young Yoo

Assertions Signcryption Scheme in Decentralized Autonomous Trust Environments
Mingwu Zhang, Bo Yang and Wenzheng Zhang

A Study of Information Security Practice in a Critical Infrastructure Application
Martin Gilje Jaatun, Eirik Albrechtsen, Maria B. Line, Stig Ole Johnsen, Irene Wærø, Odd Helge Longva and Inger Anne Tøndel

Di-GAFR: Directed Greedy Adaptive Face-Based Routing
Tao Yang, Ye Huang, Jianxin Chen, Geng Yang and Chunming Rong

Cooperative Management Framework for Inter-Domain Routing System
Ning Hu, Peng Zou, PeiDong Zhu and Xin Liu

Performance Problem Determination Using Combined Dependency Analysis for Reliable System
Shunshan Piao, Jeongmin Park and Eunseok Lee

A Free-Roaming Mobile Agent Security Protocol Based on Anonymous Onion Routing and k Anonymous Hops Backwards
Xiaogang Wang, Darren Xu and Junzhou Luo

Secure Ethernet Point-to-point Links for Autonomous Electronic Ballot Boxes
Armando Astarloa, Unai Bidarte, Jaime Jiménez, Jesús Lázaro and Iñigo Martinez de Alegra

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Tuesday, June 24 - 16:00

Panel discussion 1
Room: PH170
Chairs: Jadwiga Indulska (University of Queensland, Australia), Daqing Zhang (Institute TELECOM & Management, SudParis, France)
What do we expect from pervasive/intelligent computing and how far are we from achieving it?
Panelists: Stephen Yau (Arizona State University, USA), Riekki Jukka (University of Oulu, Finland), Theo Ungerer (University of Augsburg, Germany), Ohbyung Kwon (Kyunghee University, Korea), Jhing-Fa Wang (National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan)

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Tuesday, June 24 - 19:00

Grand Hotel, Roccoco room, Karl Johans gate 31

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Wednesday, June 25 - 09:00

Keynote 3
Room: PH170
Session chair: Chunming Rong
Security Challenges for Wireless Sensor Network Applications
Dr. Erdal Cayirci, NATO JWC & University of Stavanger, Norway

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Wednesday, June 25 - 10:30

Session 6A: Context-Aware Services and Applications II Session 6B: Intelligent Computing: Middleware, Models and Services Session 6C: Pervasive Systems Session 6D: Sensor Networks, VoIP, and Watermarking
Room: PH170 Room: PH131 Room: PH330 Room: PH322
Session chair: Daqing Zhang Session chair: Runhe Huang Session chair: Christian Müller-Schloer Session chair: Jianhua Ma
Use Semantic Decision Tables to Improve Meaning Evolution Support Systems
Yan Tang and Robert Meersman

Combining User Profiles and Situation Contexts for Spontaneous Service Provision in Smart Assistive Environments
Weijun Qin, Daqing Zhang, Yuanchun Shi and Kejun Du

Ubiquitous Phone System
Shan-Yi Tsai, Chiung-Ying Wang and Ren-Hung Hwang

Utilizing RFIDs for Location Aware Computing
Benjamin Becker, Manuel Huber and Gudrun Klinker

An Analysis of the Manufacturing Messaging Specification Protocol
Jan Tore Sørensen and Martin Gilje Jaatun

A Long-Distance Time Domain Sound Localization
Jhing-Fa Wang, Jia-chang Wang, Bo-Wei Chen and Zheng-Wei Sun

Towards Dataintegration from WITSML to ISO 15926
Kari Anne Haaland Thorsen and Chunming Rong

A SIP-based Session Mobility Management Framework for Ubiquitous Multimedia Services
Chung-Ming Huang and Chang-Zhou Tsai

Using Multiple Detectors to Detect the Backoff Time of the Selfish Node in Wireless Mesh Network
Furong Wang, Yipeng Qu, Baoming Bai, Fan Zhang and Chen Huang

Self-Reconfiguration in Highly Available Pervasive Computing System
Hadi Hemmati and Rasool Jalili

Modeling Modern Social-Network-based Epidemics: A Case Study of Rose
Sirui Yang, Hai Jin, Xiaofei Liao and Sanmin Liu

Energy Constrained Multipath Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Antoine B. Bagula and Kuzamunu G. Mazandu

A Component-Based Ambient Agent Model for Assessment of Driving Behaviour
Tibor Bosse, Mark Hoogendoorn, Michel C.A. Klein and Jan Treur

A Cartesian Robot for RFID Signal Distribution Model Verification
Aliasgar Kutiyanawala and Vladimir Kulyukin

Self-Localization in a Low Cost Bluetooth Environment
Julio Oliveira Filho, Ana Bunoza, Jurgen Sommer and Wolfgang Rosenstiel

SepRep: A Novel Reputation Evaluation Model in Peer-to-Peer Networks
Xiaowei Chen, Kaiyong Zhao and Xiaowen Chu

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Wednesday, June 25 - 13:30

Panel discussion 2:
Room: PH170
Chairs: Hein Meling (University of Stavanger) and Kevin Kwiat (Air Force Research Laboratory, Information Grid Division, Cyber Defense Branch, USA)
Can we sell Autonomic/Organic and Trusted Computing Systems?
Panelists: Christian Müller-Schloer (Leibniz Universität Hannover), Hai Jin (Huazhong University of Science and Technology), Erdal Cayirci (University of Stavanger), Mike Hinchey (University of Limerick) and Chris Gill (Washington University in St. Louis)

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Wednesday, June 25 - 16:00

Session 7A: Context-Aware Services and Applications Session 7D: Wireless Networks: Routing, Mobility and Security
Room: PH170 Room: PH131
Session chair: Zhiwen Yu Session chair: Yan Zhang
AwarePen - Classfication Probability and Fuzziness in a Context Aware Application
Martin Berchtold, Till Riedel, Michael Beigl and Christian Decker

A Model Driven Development Method for Developing Context-Aware Pervasive Systems
Estefanía Serral, Pedro Valderas and Vicente Pelechano

Intelligent System Architecture for Context-Awareness in Ubiquitous Computing
Jae-Woo Chang and Seung-Tae Hong

User-based Constraint Strategy in Ontology Matching
Feiyu Lin and Kurt Sandkuhl

Multi-priority Multi-path Selection for Video Streaming in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
Lin Zhang, Manfred Hauswirth, Lei Shu, Zhangbing Zhou, Vinny Reynolds and Guangjie Han

An Evaluation Study of the Effectiveness of Modeling NASA Swarm-Based Exploration Missions with ASSL
Mike Hinchey and Emil Vassev

Controlling Uncertainty in Personal Positioning at Minimal Measurement Cost
Hui Fang, Wen-Jing Hsu, and Larry Rudolph

RFID System Security Using Identity-Based Cryptography
Yan Liang and Chunming Rong

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