The 5th International Conference on Ubiquitous Intelligence and Computing
Oslo University College, Oslo, Norway, June 23-25, 2008.




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Accepted papers

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Category 1: Regular papers

ID Paper title Camera ready Copyright Registration Payment
14 A Component-Based Agent Model for Assessment of Driving Behaviour ok ok ok ok
17 A Framework for Context-Aware Home-Health Monitoring ok ok ok ok
24 Self-Localization in a Low Cost Bluetooth Environment ok ok ok ok
29 Data Randomization for Lightweight Secure Data Aggregation in Sensor Network ok ok ok ok
30 A Structured Methodology of Scenario Generation and System Analysis for Ubiquitous Smart Space Development ok ok ok ok
32 Mobile Sink Routing Protocol with Registering in Cluster-based Wireless Sensor Networks ok ok ok ok
34 A Formal Framework for Expressing Trust Negotiation in the Ubiquitous Computing Environment ok ok ok ok
37 Utilizing RFIDs for Location Aware Computing ok ok ok ok
41 Semantic Learning Space: An Infrastructure for Context-Aware Ubiquitous Learning ok ok ok ok
43 Towards the Implementation of Reliable Data Transmission for 802.15-based Wireless Sensor Networks ok ok ok ok
47 Ubiquitous Phone System ok ok ok ok
56 Capturing Semantics for Information Security and Privacy Assurance ok ok ok ok
58 Intersection Location Service for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks with Cars in Manhattan Style Movement Patterns ok ok ok ok
60 Biometrics-Driven Smart Environments: Abstract Framework and Evaluation ok ok ok ok
63 Improved Weighted Centroid Localization in Smart Ubiquitous Environments ok ok ok ok
64 A Comprehensive Approach for Situation-Awareness based on Sensing and Reasoning about Context ok ok ok ok
65 Pervasive Services on the Move: Smart Service Diffusion on the OSGi Framework ok ok ok ok
69 Use Semantic Decision Tables to Improve Meaning Evolution Support Systems ok ok ok ok
76 An Energy-Efficient Query Processing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor networks ok ok ok ok
81 Context-Adaptive User Interface in Ubiquitous Home Generated by Bayesian and Action Selection Networks ok ok ok ok
83 Ubiquitous and Robust Text-Independent Speaker Recognition for Home Automation Digital Life ok ok ok ok
92 Energy-Efficient Tracking of Continuous Objects in Wireless Sensor Networks ok ok ok ok
93 Energy Efficient In-network Phase RFID Data Filtering Scheme ok ok ok ok
94 A Cartesian Robot for RFID Signal Distribution Model Verification ok ok ok ok
95 Robots in Smart Spaces - A Case Study of a u-Object Finder Prototype ok ok ok ok
98 Combining User Profiles and Situation Context for Spontaneous Service Provision in Smart Assistive Environments ok ok ok ok
105 Penetration Testing of OPC as Part of Process Control Systems ok ok ok ok
112 Security Policy Integration and Conflict Reconciliation for Collaborations among Organizations in Ubiquitous Computing Environment ok

Category 2: Special session papers

ID Paper title Camera ready Copyright Registration Payment
15 An Experimental Analysis of Undo in Ubiquitous Computing Environments ok ok ok ok
16 Controlling Uncertainty in Personal Positioning at Minimal Measurement Cost ok ok ok ok
19 Multi-priority Multi-path Selection for Video Streaming in Wireless Sensor Networks ok ok ok ok
23 A SIP-based Session Mobility Management Framework for Ubiquitous Multimedia Services ok ok ok ok
25 Intelligent System Architecture for Context-Awareness in Ubiquitous Computing ok ok ok ok
26 Protection Techniques of Secret Information in Non-Tamper Proof Devices of Smart Home Network ok ok ok ok
38 Rule Selection for Collaborative Ubiquitous Smart Device Development: Rough Set Based Approach ok ok ok ok
44 Personalizing Threshold Values on Behavior Detection with Collaborative Filtering ok ok ok ok
53 Petri Net-based Episode Detection and Story Generation from Ubiquitous Life Log ok ok ok ok
54 Energy Constrained Multipath Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks ok ok ok ok
59 AwarePen - Classfication Probability and Fuzziness in a Context Aware Application ok ok ok ok
62 RFID: An Ideal Technology for Ubiquitous Computing? ok ok ok ok
66 Mobile Navigation System for the Elderly - Preliminary Experiment and Evaluation ok ok ok ok
74 Towards a Collaborative Reputation Based Service Provider Selection in Ubiquitous Computing Environments ok ok ok ok
77 Towards Dataintegration from WITSML to ISO 15926 ok ok ok ok
79 An Object-oriented Framework for Common Abstraction and Comet-based Interaction of Physical u-Objects and Digital Services ok ok ok ok
84 A Long-Distance Time Domain Sound Localization ok ok ok pending
85 Universal Remote Control for the Smart World ok ok ok ok
91 A Model Driven Development Method for developing Context-Aware Pervasive Systems ok ok ok ok
96 Time Stamp Protocol for Smart Environment Services ok ok ok ok
102 User-based Constraint Strategy in Ontology Matching ok ok ok ok
106 Fractal Model Based Face Recognition for Ubiquitous Environments ok ok ok ok
107 A Ubiquitous Interactive Museum Guide ok ok ok ok
108 Real-time Detection of Passing Objects Using Virtual Gate and Motion Vector Analysis ok ok ok ok
109 RFID-based Interactive Learning in Science Museums ok ok ok ok
111 Dynamic Probabilistic Packet Marking with Partial Non-Preemption ok ok ok ok
115 IP Traceback using Digital Watermark and Honeypot ok ok ok ok
118 An Analysis of the Manufacturing Messaging Specification Protocol ok ok ok ok
121 RFID System Security Using Identity-Based Cryptography ok ok ok ok