Intrusion detection and firewall security (MS004A)

Course info Staff: Paal Engelstad and Hårek Haugerud
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10 ECTS Lectures in ENGLISH Level: Master Term: Autumn

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Course plan
1[en-pdf] Course overview, security and attacks [en]
2[en-pdf] Traffic analysis and testing [en]
3[en-pdf] Firewalls, architectures and iptables [en]
4[en-pdf] Network Filtering rules and IPtables syntax [en]
5[en-pdf] Forwarding and NAT [en]
6 Firewall project handed out [en]
7 Meeting the company representative
8 Finishing the firewall project
9[en] [en-pdf] Host intrusion detection and OSSEC [en]
10[en] [en-pdf] OSSEC and attacking through the firewall [en]
11[en-pdf] Malware [en-pdf]
12[en-pdf] Network Intrusion Detection and Snort [en]
13 Easter, no teaching
14[en-pdf] Snort [en] [en-pdf]
15[en-pdf] IPS and Snort inline [en]
16[en-pdf] Botnets [en-pdf]
17[en-pdf] Honeypots, Forensics [en]
19 Test exam [en-pdf] [en-pdf]
21[en] Final Written exam: June 12th at 9:00 AM (4 hours)
Resources and Links TCP/IP pocket reference guide
Forensics pocket reference guide USENIX/SAGE association CERT
CAIDA Securityfocus (Bugtraq) The National Security Agency (US)
Økokrim Datatilsynet Symantec scurity response
VirusInfo Mark Burgess: Unix Mark Burgess: Unix (PDF)
iptables-tutorial.pdf Connection tracking on rex with world map.