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NokobIT welcomes papers (up to 15 pages) and posters describing ongoing or completed research. There is also the possibility to organise workshops, forums, or panel discussions.

The tradition at NokobIT is to welcome contributions covering a wide range of issues related to the design, development and use of information systems (IS) and information and communication technologies (ICTs). There is therefore no special theme for the conference, but examples of relevant topics are given below (the list in non-exhaustive)

- Health information systems
- E-government
- The role of ICTs in developing countries
- Virtual communities (i.e. that transcend geographical, cultural, and demographic boundaries)
- Issues of globalization and global diversity
- E-learning, blended learning, new technology-supported educational methods


We accept articles (up to 15 pages) describing ongoing or completed research. All article submissions will go through a double-blind peer-review process.

The format for article manuscripts is the same as the MIS Quarterly manuscript guidelines. All sumissions must be in Microsoft Word .doc format.

Submissions to NokobIT 2007 must not already have been published in a journal or conference proceedings, nor presented at another conference. NokobIT do not require a transfer of copyright, which will remain with the author. Extended and more mature versions of the manuscripts can therefore be published in journals after the conference.

At least one author of every accepted submission must register for the conference by October 10, 2007.

Please send your submission to: nokobit07@hio.no before September 1, 2007.


We accept posters describing ongoing or completed research or development projects. The poster proposal submissions will not undergo a peer-review process, but will be evaluated by the organising committee.

For information about how to design a poster, see: Gosling, Peter J. 1999. Scientist's Guide to Poster Presentations. N.Y.: Kluwer Academic. ISBN 0-306-46076-9.

Participants who wish to present a poster without attending the meals are entitled to a discounted registration fee.

Please send your poster proposal to: nokobit07@hio.no before September 1, 2007.

Workshops, forums, panel discussions

The format of NokobIT is very interactive, and we would like to encourage proposals for workshops, forums or panel discussions on topics of interest. Proposals should include a title, an overview of the main goals and issues for discussion, and a list of the core participants (with name and institution).

Please send your proposal to: nokobit07@hio.no before September 1, 2007.


The proceedings of the conference will be published by Tapir ("level 1" publication according to the system used by the Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions). Posters will not be included in the proceedings, but will be published online on the conference website if the authors provide a digital version.

There may be a possibility for some of best papers to be considered for publication in a forthcoming issue of the Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems (SJIS). These papers must fit the scope of the journal (see the SJIS's home page), be written in English and the author must be willing to prepare an extended version that is sufficiently different to the NokobIT-version. Authors interested in having their manuscripts considered should indicate so in the cover letter. Extended versions of such papers must undergo an additional round of peer-review.


NokobIT welcomes written submissions in any of the Scandinavian languages and in English. Oral presentations can be done in one of the Scandinavian languages or in English.


If you have any questions about the submitting process, please contact Laurence Habib, conference coordinator (telephone: 22 45 28 71).

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