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Developers' pages

The developers pages provide information for:

  • Those looking to debug and submit bug reports
  • Potential developers who wish to contribute to the project.
A New article on the principles behind cfengine! is available for developers wanting to understand the rigid principles that make cfengine do its job properly. It is vital that authors do not violate these principles, without good reason.

The Way forward...

After much careful consideration and theoretical invesigations to decide the future of cfengine, Mark Burgess, the principal author of cfengine, has decided:

"There is always a dilemma when making improvements in software that is used to heavily around the world. We can make big improvements with radical changes, but then we make it difficult for users. Or we can make gradual changes that sometimes make people impatient. I think the way forward is to both keep evolving cfengine 2 incrementally and start a radical new cfengine 3 and then grow them together over time.

There is still room for improvement in cfengine 2, but most of the work will be done out of sight of users, reorganizing and partially rewriting code to make it compatible with cfengine 3."

What other developments are taking place in cfengine?

"We have been working on improving the learning curve for users. Æleen Frisch and I have written an introductory book for cfengine users, published by the USENIX Association. Another project coming up is to develop some simple design patterns for using cfengine. There is much more need for this than for developments in the code base, which is quite stable."
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